Meet Team Luminous

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”- Aaron Siskind

David with Camera (2)

David Lazar

is LJ's senior photographer and a multi-major award winner (including the Smithsonian award for travel photography) currently focusing on Asia. He’s a National Geographic contributor of whom Practical Photography has proclaimed, “…one the world’s foremost travel photographers.” More importantly for our purposes, he’s also one of the best photo tour leaders you’ll ever meet, with a fun and engaging style combined with great generosity of spirit.


Soe Soe Lwin

Soe Soe 

is a superstar when it comes to logistical mastery in the photo tour world. She cut her perfect teeth with Magnum’s Steve McCurry, handling his Burma photo tours flawlessly for nearly a decade. She founded Luminous Journeys Myanmar in 2012, and was instrumental in making LJ’s photo tour workshops in the Golden Land, the new gold standard.


Sina Falker

is a major award winning travel photographer and instructor. While she photographs all over the world, Sina’s primary passion is Latin America, and most especially Mexico. She speaks fluent Spanish, English, and German. She always goes the extra mile for her guests and is one the hardest working photo tour leaders in the business. Warning: Her passion for travel photography is contagious!



Kyaw Kyaw Winn

is a multi major award winning travel photographer, the only 3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year, and the hardest working pro in Burma. He is a brand ambassador for Fujifilm , executive editor of Digital Photography magazine (Burmese Edition), and also president & lead instructor at the Myanmar Photographic Society. His favorite form of instruction is in-the field, and he absolutely loves working with you on  photo tours!



Nguyen Vu Phuoc

is one of Vietnam’s finest and most popular all around photographers. His extraordinary book, “Labor of Love – A Mother’s Journey”, chronicles pregnancy, childbirth and beyond in gorgeous black & white photographs. Phuoc’s fun loving personality, along w/ his passion and amazing inside access make him a much sought after photo tour leader.


AP Soe

A.P. Soe

is on the short list among Asia’s best all-around travel shooters. The public vote winner of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters, A.P. is a brand ambassador for Air Asia, one of only 3 photographers chosen . With his joyful brilliance & attentive approach, photo touring with A.P. is sure to take your photography to the next level.




is a French photographer who makes his home in Vietnam. His amazing quick rise to success as a travel and culture photographer in the internet era has truly been something to behold. The portrait specialist has gone from a complete unknown to international solo exhibitions and a plethora of publications – including Nat Geo – in a relative heartbeat.


Swarup Chatterjee

Swarup Chatterjee

is an award winning photographer and Canon brand ambassador based in Mumbai, India. He came to photography as an already accomplished painter, and it’s this blending of two visions that has created his distinct, evocative style. Swarup’s true passion for photography and gregarious nature make him an ideal and inspirational photo tour leader.



Francis Ansing

is a brilliant landscape phhotographer and highly sought out instructor. He may be based Tokyo, but he doesn’t stay put for long! Francis goes all over the world seeking out new and rugged landscapes, and the more rugged the better. He thinks nothing of spending freezing cold nights in a tent or taking long treks to discover the undiscovered and bring it on home.



Luis Alarcón

is perhaps Cuba’s premier documentary photographer, whose work documenting the history, people and culture of the island even gets anthropological in its depth. He’s been leading travel and documentary photography workshops in Cuba for many years, and is one of the best in the business.


Rarindra Prakarsa

Rarindra Prakarsa

has described himself as a “surreal life” photographer. His famous use of natural and unnatural light accounts for most of the “surreal” in his work, which he later perfects in Photoshop. Although he shoots beautifully in other styles, it’s the surreal life style that caught the eye of the photographic world & brought him international acclaim.



Kimleng Sang

is the most sought after photography tour leader in Cambodia, where he was born and raised. His English is good and his heart is true. Trust us when we tell you that traveling and shooting with Leng is an enriching cultural and photographic experience never to be forgotten.



Alastair McNaughton

is a classicist, his work in many ways reminiscent of some of the old school Magnum greats, Henri Cartier-Bresson in particular. His instant sense of geometry and composition is natural and well-honed from his years as a graphic artist. The former Nikon Photographer of the Year also won the Leica Prize for his work in Myanmar, 1995.



Boothee Thaik Htun

is an award winning photojournalist turned travel and commercial photographer living and working in Yangon, Myanmar. He is well travelled internationally, and has in recent years become a master drone photographer as well! Boothee is great fun to work with, and is available for private one day tours in Yangon, and for longer periods around Burma.