Kimleng Sang - Cambodia

 "I cannot think of a better person to photograph Cambodia with than Kimleng Sang. We have worked together many times and I appreciate his vast knowledge, excellent people skills, wonderful photo access and model organizational work. I look forward to photographing with him again and again in the future.” – David Lazar, Smithsonian Award Winner for Travel Photography


Originally from Takeo Province, the cradle of the Khmer Empire, Kimleng Sang is as homegrown a Cambodian travel photographer and instructor as there is.  In 2000 he moved to Siem Reap first as a driver, then a guide, then as a fixer for photographers from around the world. This naturally sparked his interest in becoming a photographer himself. Whenever a western professional sought him out as a fixer, he would seek tutelage from them.  Since that time he has evolved into the most sought after local pro in the country, and has received high praise from literally hundreds of clients.

There is quite simply no other photographer that knows Siem Reap and Cambodia at large, or has better contacts throughout the country, than Kimleng Sang.  He knows exactly how to navigate within the tourist zones to avoid the crowds, and he takes you beyond to fantastic locations off the beaten path; locations no tourist or even most Cambodians would know about!

As an instructor he has learned from some of the best, and is very helpful in the field. If you are a novice or intermediate shooter struggling with your settings or understanding light, Leng will get you up to speed. If you are advanced just looking for great image ops, he’s your man. ‘Leng’ is very friendly and personable, and always willing to make the extra effort to bring travel photographers the very best Cambodia has to offer. Speaking from LJ experience, it is indeed a privilege to travel and photograph with him in his beloved homeland.