The LJ Pledge of Excellence

Luminous Journeys is dedicated to delivering world class photography tour adventures that not only help you to become a better photographer, but to have the photographic time of your life in the process. We have 98% positive reviews, with a large majority of those being overwhelmingly positive. LJ Photo Tours are created by photographers for photographers, and we understand your desires and expectations as if they were our own, because they are!

Here’s what separates us from the competition:

Inspired Leadership – The most important ingredient to our success is the high quality of our leaders, not only as outstanding professional photographers, but as inspirational leaders who are genuinely interested in helping you take your photography to the next level. This is a consistently reoccurring theme in the heartfelt testimonials our leaders receive.

Uniquely Designed & Refined Itineraries – Each photo tour workshop is unique unto itself and is ever evolving from season to season. Our logistics people are superb, led by Ms. Soe Soe Lwin who arranged Steve McCurry’s photo tours in Myanmar for nearly a decade. In every country we operate, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our guests get the maximum bang for their photo tour buck. We mix free shooting with landscapes, landmarks, locals, temples, monks & monasteries, vanishing tribes, colorful markets, fishermen in action, salt farmers, etc. And since your time with us is both valuable and limited, we always offer arranged photo shoots, usually classic & environmental portraiture.

Specializing in Our Own Backyard
We either live in Asia or Latin America, or in the case of Australian David Lazar or German Sina Falker, spend months each year working in the regions. Compare this to most photo tour leaders who just drop in for 10 days and vanish. Our photographers and fixers work professionally in their own ‘backyards’ year round, and have intimate knowledge of the light and locations, the people and the languages. This makes all the difference in the world, both to the quality of your photography and the pleasure of working closely with local people.

Unparalleled Insider Access
While the great iconic locations of a country offer “must have” photo opportunities, they can also come with the challenge of shooting them in new and compelling ways. The insider access afforded by our photographers is key to navigating these locations, and opening doors that are otherwise closed or unknown to the public. This is even more important for discovering and working in off-the-beaten path and remote areas.

Off the Beaten Path!
You might be surprised at how many well-known photo tour operators never take their guests beyond the main tourist routes. At Luminous Journeys we appreciate that you appreciate the opportunities we provide to capture rare and special images. So naturally we go the extra miles in tour development to get you those opportunities. And then drag you with us!

Our Commitment to You
We are absolutely committed to your best overall travel and photography experience; from first contact to post tour follow up. This is not just fluffy sales-speak; we mean it. As photographers ourselves who live and work largely in South & Southeast Asia, we not only have an in depth understanding of what works best on photo tours in general, but also how to help you achieve your goals and expectations within the small group dynamic.

Response & Responsibility
We always respond promptly to inquiries and are more than happy to answer any and all questions completely and forthrightly. We understand this is a significant commitment on your part, and want you to feel comfortable and secure in making it.

We take our responsibility to you seriously, and treat you as professionally as we do cordially. It’s always a privilege to welcome a new Luminous Journeys guest into the fold, and we are very proud of the high quality people we’ve had the pleasure to bring together both on tour and beyond.