David Lazar - India, Japan, Bhutan, Southeast Asia

David Lazar’s travel photography is among the best we’ve ever seen.” Photo Review Australia

David Lazar is a major award winning travel photographer (including the Smithsonian award for travel photography) currently focusing on Southeast Asia and India. He’s a National Geographic contributor of whom Practical Photography has called, “…one the world’s foremost travel photographers.” He’s also an outstanding instructor and photo tour leader!

The young Australian burst onto the travel photography scene in 2006, gaining recognition around the world through publication and exhibition of his work. In 2012 he gained special recognition with his gorgeous Photo Review magazine cover – the much talked about street-portrait of a green-eyed Bengali girl.

David has traveled extensively throughout South Asia and has ventured into Africa and Latin America, along the way garnering many awards, including the prestigious Smithsonian Award for Travel Photography and Garuda International’s 2014 “Best in Culture” honors.

David Lazar Speaking @ Foto Live 2018 in Sydney

David Lazar Speaking @ Foto Live 2018 in Sydney, Australia

He’s been featured on a growing list of magazine covers, and had photo spreads in numerous international publications, including National Geographic, Capture, The Smithsonian, Lonely Planet, Professional Photographer, Conde Nast Traveler, Asian Geographic, Photographic Society of America, Australian Photography, Photo Review Australia, Digital Photo, Digital SLR, Singapore’s Silver Kris, Digital Camera, Practical Photography, Herald Sun, etc.


After seeing David’s beautifully composed photographs (he is also a composer, pianist & teacher with a Master’s in Music) with the Massai people in Kenya 2012, travel tour powerhouse Abercrombie & Kent featured David’s photos in a gala solo exhibition in Sydney for their 50th Anniversary. One of the most shared images on the planet was also shot in Kenya that year, his already classic, “Tiny Lion Cub”, where the adorable little king is caught strolling a bit wide of two lionesses keeping a perfectly synchronized pace and watchful eye.

What initially drew Luminous Journeys to David was his keen interest in Myanmar , which shone so brilliantly through his image making. Looks like we were right, as in 2016, the simply gorgeous coffee table book Myanmar – A Luminous Journey was published.

David-Lazar_Myanmar BOOK

His often ethereal landscapes are first rate, but it’s his signature portraiture that makes him so distinctly different from his peers. Many a fine photographer avoids portrait making, not because they lack the technical skills, but because they don’t believe in their ability to gain the trust of their subjects, therefore fearing the results. Without a moment of trust captured, the portrait will appear flat, stiff and lifeless. That David is a fearless portraitist in the moment is obvious. He trusts himself and knows the people he approaches will usually sense it. Massaged with a little charm and patience, the potential for a luminous instant may arise; that instant when a certain essence flashes from within the subject just as the photographer is releasing the shutter. David senses it coming. He has to, or it will already be too late.

We are very proud and happy to have David Lazar as an integral part of Team Luminous, as he now enters his 8th year as a photo tour leader. His skill as a photographer speaks for itself, and he is also an outstanding instructor. Few in the industry can match both his geniality and generosity of spirit, and his testimonials will demonstrate this better than we can here!