Swarup Chatterjee


My luminous journey towards photography began when I first picked up a painting brush as a child. Ever since I have been passionate about trying to express the inexpressible.

Initially there was no particular ‘art form’ that I could consciously opt for. My expressions have all shaped up in the form of watercolors, crafts, caricatures and often cartoons and finally culminated into this wonderful world of clicks, light and lenses. What I could learn was a discovery.

Any creativity whether on paper or on a sensor is an outcome of ‘light’ irrespective of whether one is able to feel or see it, whether it’s from and exterior or inner source. What culminates in creativity is a synergy of one’s vision and ability to channelize that light into an outcome. To a large extent it is immaterial whether you do it with your brushes/paints or with the help of shutter/aperture control.

Ever since my journey began, my goal was always undefined but I could always feel the urge to visualize. From dry leaves to a crow about to fly – from an angry passerby’s expression to a crying beggar sitting in a corner to a child leaving for the nearby morning school or colors of freshness after a monsoon downpour – My role has always been quite like that of a blotting paper ever-ready for more and trying to absorb every movement, expression, color or action around me. It’s an unending and effortless attempt to listen to the sound within.

For me that’s art – that’s painting and that’s photography.

Swarup-Chatterjee_The Horse of Mumbai