Rarindra Prakarsa – Indonesia

Rarindra Prakarsa has described himself as a “surreal life” photographer. His much talked about use of natural and unnatural light accounts for most of the “surreal” in his work, which he later perfects in Photoshop. Although he shoots beautifully in other styles, it’s the surreal life style that first caught the eye of the photographic world and brought him international acclaim.

“You have to get up early to see and feel the light. Beautiful light is my obsession, I always search for this as I feel the objects I photograph will look more special if the light does too.”

Along with his mastery of light, much has been said about Rarindra’s dimensional image making and use of color which is reminiscent of the Dutch painter Walter Spies, a famous resident of Bali in the 1930’s and ’40’s. And for good reason!

“Walter’s work showed me how to use light and composition. His work also demonstrated ways to use rural buildings and villages in a beautiful way.”

Rarindra was also influenced by artistic cinematography, and cites the Lord of the Rings trilogy for its impressive use of light and color.


The 44-year old husband and father of two first took up photography as a graphic arts major attending Polytechnic University Indonesia. After graduation he went to work for a Jakarta newspaper as a graphic designer, and in time became a professional photographer doing both jobs! A passionate traveler, “RP” now works around the world as a full time photographer and instructor.

Rarindra Prakarsa images have appeared in numerous publications across the globe, including the United States, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, China, UEA, Netherland, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, France, India and Indonesia. Magazines include Popular Photography, Digital Photo, Exposure, Advanced Images, Indonesian Photography, Snap!, Amateur Photographer, RAW, Aperture, Digital Photographer, Digital SLR, and an in depth profile & photo spread in Men’s Health. His international workshops have packed houses in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, Qatar, India, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Rarindra worked alongside David Lazar on the first edition of Luminous Bali, and was instrumental in making it such a popular success. His personal workshop schedule has grown a lot since then, and so these days he’s available on a private basis only for LJ. Please see his one day photo tours in Jakarta , and when time allows, longer trips to his favorite spots in Indonesia and beyond. You can also check out his publicly offered workshops here.