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Very interesting article and images offering insight from Sina herself about how she works in the field. She describes the behind the scenes happenings on half a dozen of her most memorable images, and how she managed to get them. Features her SIPA Award winning image of a floating market in Borneo; how she fell in love with night sky and historical architecture photography at Angkor Wat; her village chief mischief in an Amazonian village, and more!

Also see Sina's wonderful Mexico Photo Tour Workshop. 



Fascinating look into the artistry and camera tecnniques of one of our favorite photographers and of course, photo tour leaders. Here's a couple of reader comments:


"The transition from what is captured by one’s imagination, then the eyes, and subsequently by the lens… is always fascinating; and this case aesthetically mind blowing...."


"I so enjoyed my Luminous India + Holi Festival trip last year. Swarup was generous sharing his vision and expertise and his enthusiasm is infectious. So interesting to read this article and hear more about this talented photographer’s background...."

Destinations Magazine interviews Nat Geo contributor David Lazar about his gorgeous coffee table book, Myanmar - A Luminous Journey.


Wonderful insight into the amazing Balinese culture as it relates to photography, along with more than a dozen images by the man who does The Island of the Gods like no one else! Also see David's Bali photo tour workshop. 

Digital Photography School

The fine art travel photography taken in Vietnam featured in one of the world's top 3 most visited photography sites, Digital Photography School. Tips and images by David Lazar.


Featuring Myanmar images from three time Myanmar Photographer of the Year, KK Winn, National Geographic contributor David Lazar, Burmese native son, A.P. Soe, and award winning travel snapper, Bennett Stevens.


A dip inside the fascinating mind of an award winning painter who turned his remarkable artistic vision to photography. Among other things, Swarup discusses his camera techniques and how they relate to brush strokes.


The remarkable rags to “riches” story of Myanmar photographer, Kyaw Kyaw Winn. This self taught (from the age of 9) present day master rose from a remote river village in Magway to become one of Asia’s great all around photographers. And he did it with a smile and positive attitude every step of the way!


Nikon photographers KK Winn and David Lazar snap their way through two fantastically photogenic destinations, and have invited you along for the ride.


Been there, shot that? Don’t think it will be worth it to photograph on the Road MOST Travelled? Think again! Especially if you want to publish and get paid. We understand Bucket Listing very well, but also know that far more often than not a photographer’s best images come from repeated visits to certain locations, not just popping in once and calling it a day!The remarkable rags to “riches” story of Myanmar photographer, Kyaw Kyaw Winn. This self taught (from the age of 9) present day master rose from a remote river village in Magway to become one of Asia’s great all around photographers. And he did it with a smile and positive attitude every step of the way!


The world’s #1 visited online photography magazine asks David Lazar for tips on travel photography, and he obliges! Certainly worth a few minutes of your time.


Professional Photographers of America interviews Australian super-snapper, David Lazar. What goes on in that pretty little head of his, anyway?:)


Informative interview with one of Vietnam’s premier photographers, including an outstanding array of images. Reader reviews on this piece are through the roof awesome!


Article and images showcasing Luminous photographer David Lazar.


A look at David’s early work from incredible India, all snapped on a 12 day trip.


Wouda McMicken delves into the style and approach of Australia’s most recognized travel shooter.


Article and images showcasing The Land of the Thunder Dragon.


Impakter interviews David Lazar about his work.


Story and images focusing on the vanishing tribes of Vietnam, featuring images from renowned French photographer, Rehahn, and Aussie David Lazar.


Valued Links


Photography Life
is perhaps the single most informative photography blog on the web, most especially when it comes to in depth product reviews and the technical aspects of photography. Tons of great photos and travel related photo essays, of which LJ/Benn Stevens is proud to contribute time to time. Nasim Masurov is the founding editor, all around nice guy, and one of the hardest working men in the business.

Logo for Camera Canada

Camera Canada is an awesome camera, lens and everything photography store in London, Ontario. Kudos to president Antony Chodas, who is a great friend and associate of Luminous Journeys.


Kyoto Journal – Insights from Asia
Kyoto Journal was founded in 1986 by editor/designer John Einarsen. John’s vision was to blend art, spirituality and Asian cultures, and that he and his team have done with great success. John was also instrumental in the publication of In a Rocket Made of Ice , as well as creating the layout design. KJ’s successive reviews editors have developed a multi-talented network of writers with interests that range all over Asia and beyond. We plan to put our entire archive of reviews online as a searchable resource.
David Cozy re*****@ky**********.org


Wanderlust Travel Magazine
United Kingdom based travel magazine with a global reach, sharp enough to recognize LJ’s Frankie Naing as one the world’s best travel guides. Many articles on Myanmar travel, or as the UK still calls them, Burma holidays. Vietnam, India and Indonesia as well!

nadeem_poster2 Kumbh-Mela

Samsara Films
Documentary film company founded by Indian American filmmaker, Nadeem Uddin. Samsara Films is best known for its award winning film on the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. Also notable is the extraordinary bio-doc on 60’s firebrand, Abe Isheroff, and the colorful film, Songs of the River, featuring mind-blowing footage from India’s massive religious spectacle, the 2001 Maha Kumbh Mela.

Dave’s Travel Corner
Dave is one of those Bay Area California guys living the dream, only not having anything to do with Silicon Valley.
He does it all running this travel blog that takes him all over the world. What a life!
Here’s Dave’s travel dream facilitator.

Wat Opot – Partners in Compassion
A small NGO in Cambodia selflessly dedicated to making lives fir AIDS affected children and families. Some 65 children and a dozen adults are currently in residence. Founded by former Vietnam War medic, Wayne Mathysse, the Wat Opot story is the basis for the profoundly moving book by Gail Gutradt, “In a Rocket Made of Ice”. Wat Opot is one of our Luminous Giving charities.