The Human Touch, Part 2


David Lazar is Luminous Journeys’ Grand Poobah travel photographer and workshop leader. Recently he garnered himself yet another magazine cover on Australian Photography magazine, the highest circulated in the Land Down Under. The cover is only part of it though! Inside is David’s outstanding article about the human touch in image making for travel photography.

Part 2 of the article now online, opens with “patterns”, and concludes with “layering”. Both are often overlooked by amateur snappers, who tend to see only main subjects and basic compositions. Be sure to read Part One as well, accessible here. Take it all in, practice it, and you will become a more visually aware photographer, and your work will improve as a result. Promise! If you like what you see, David’s next photo tour workshop is Hidden Bali in September. The rest of his trips for 2022 can be found on our Complete Schedule page.

The Human Touch – How to Capture People for Better Travel Images (Part two)

Patterns with People

Another method for photographing people in a scene is to find or make patterns with the people. A great way to make patterns is to photograph them from above, as in a bird’s eye view perspective.

In this case, you need to be on a bridge, balcony, table or another structure with height. From a high angle, you can look down to photograph patterns made by people sitting or moving below, and choose how to frame the photo by zooming in or carefully composing so a pattern is evident.

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Sulfur workers showing layering in photography
Sulfur Workers @ Mt. Ijen volcano, Indonesia

June is best month for photo tour in Vietnam with rice farmers
Rice Farming in late June, northern Vietnam
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