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Welcome to the second installment of our Funny Photography Quotes blog post extravaganza. Operating world class photo tour workshops as we do, we are always interested in your funny anecdotes or jokes, so please contact us if you have a doozy or two. If you missed the first one, here you go. The first post really surprised us in the number of views it continues to receive, even more than our home page! We are not at all sure this is good news. We apologize for the poor resolution of the images in Part 1, but they were the best our crack staff could find for free during their exhausting 10 minute work day. The humor is still pretty sharp though.

For this installment we’ve had to include some “otherwise” quotes, otherwise we would not have enough content to satisfy either you or Big Brother Google’s minimum juice SEO word count. As we lamented in the original, there just isn’t as much funny photography stuff out there as there should be! So please dear reader, send us your funny photography quotes, photos and/or anecdotes so we can keep this series going.

Anyway, the “otherwise”, while not funny (at least not intentionally) are in some cases, actually insightful. Some are over the top in our view, so we take advantage of this to mock them mercilessly for your reading pleasure. Let’s not get too serious dear photographers, not too full of ourselves. Because let’s face it, most of us are just goofballs running around with expensive light snatching contraptions stuck to our faces. More silliness, less seriousness.

Newsflash – Being the slave driver I am, I have now forced the previously mentioned crack staff to get out there and dig into the wilds of the internet and bring me some more photography humor! There has to be more, you lazy misanthropes! And sure enough there was. So the “otherwise” section will now be cut from this post and added to a future post. I should just edit that bit of intro text out, but then there’s that SEO word count to consider.

Definition of photography

“Photography skills are acquired with practice, and not purchase.” – Percy W. Harris

“Developing photographers have the wisdom of always wanting to invest in themselves as ‘mad keen photographers’ by attending Luminous Journeys photo tour workshops!” – Anonymous

Shallow depth of field

Funny because it’s true. My entire life has become a shallow depth of field.

The best way to irritate your photographer, is not to pay him.

Yes, most of us make peanuts. Or peanut shells. But show this quote to guys like Peter Lik or Andreas Gursky or Richard Prince or Cindy Sherman who have fetched millions for a single photograph. Yes, millions. While many of us would be marginally happy to get $65 or very happy to get $650 for a photo, Lik got $6.5 million! Now that is some serious income inequality.

Lik’s millions dollar photo is in essence the same photo taken by tens of thousands of people in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The difference is he shot it in black and white, and tossed dust and sand in the air to create a “phantom” shadow in a sunbeam angling down. Lord knows how many times he had to do this to get the “phantom”, but it was sure as hell worth it! I was going to put a link to the image but since that would make it too easy to leave the page, I refrained.

Just for fun though, I am going to show you the first Gursky photograph to crack the million smackers mark, at $4,338,500. Just below it will be a shot Yours Truly took, which has not done quite so well. But for my money, mine is better!

Million dollar photo
Photo: Andreas Gursky Sold for: $4,338,500
Photo: Skrig Underball Sold for: $0,000,000
Photographer byTom Carter

I really love this one, and wish I knew who to credit for creating it. Speak up man, fame and glory can be yours! Wait, let me see if any of my crack staff isn’t drunk or napping… Yes! Tom Carter is his name. Nice work, Tom. Again it’s funny because it’s true for so many of us. OK, most of us. The Dennis Hopper opening scene in Apocalypse Now is one of the greatest character introductions in cinema history, and a brilliant choice here.

BTW if you are an Apocalypse Now fan and have not seen the documentary film made about it, Hearts of Darkness, I highly recommend it. It was made by Francis Ford Coppola’s wife, Eleanor, who was shooting behind the scenes during the chaotic making of the classic psychedelic war movie. FFC’s force of nature determination in getting the film made through endless disasters is truly inspirational.

The poster below is a take-off on the poster above, and also pretty clever.

“Oh yes you can, or you won’t get paid and I’ll sue you for the deposit!” – The Bride

No comment.

How often do we harp on being not only aware of our backgrounds, but using them to help tell our story? This is a bit small and unsharp, but you get the point!

Please check out our photography workshop trips, which always provide a lot of laughs along with everything else!

Hope you enjoyed these funny photography quotes (and even the mildly amusing) and that you’ll be back for Part 3. Again, your quotes, quips, anecdotes and or images are welcome. Just email us at te**@Lu**************.net

Big thanks again to John Flury for his cover shot;; Andreas Gursky; the late great Diane Arbus;; Tom Carter; InternetScavengers; Anonymous; and The Bride.

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