Sina Falker

Sina Falker has an extraordinary talent for showing Mexican culture through her photographic work.
— Darwin Carabeo, Director, HOLA TULUM magazine”


Sina Falker is a travel photographer in the purest sense of the term – she absolutely loves to travel and take photographs of the people and places she discovers. She fell in love with it during a trip to Japan in 2005, even though she had only a cheap pocket camera. Like we often say though at Luminous Journeys – it’s not about the camera; it’s about the person behind it. Some people just have an innate talent for it, then develop that talent over time into something special. Sina’s first snap shots way back when showed something of that natural talent, and in the years since her passion and hard work has led her to become a pro level travel shooter. She’s had her work recognized several times by Nat Geo, and she just keeps getting better!


While she has photographed in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and Bhutan, her center of gravity remains in Latin America. She loves Mexico and calls it her second home, and is also been fascinated by her trips to Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Panama and Cuba. Her fluent Spanish speaking ability helps her to dig deeper into the various cultures than most, establishing relationships that open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

She loves unusual and dramatic landscapes, including night photography with the stars as backdrop, portraits, and scenes of traditional and indigenous expression. In 2018 Sina won a first prize at the Siena International Photo Awards for amazing shot of a floating market in Indonesia, and followed that up in 2019 year later as Finalist for a street shot taken in Cuba. Her first of many to come solo exhibitions was held at Calumet Photographic in Germany, also in 2019.

Luminous Journeys connected with Sina first through our Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Vu Phouc, who met and photographed with her in and around Saigon. We noticed her Siena award, and that Nat Geo was regularly selecting her images for their various online assignments. Then as fate would have it, we offered our first Bhutan trip (a place she had long dreamed of going) with David Lazar in April 2019, and she joined us there. David was impressed by her knowledge and ability, but also her good nature and willingness to learn about what it took to lead a successful photo tour workshop. After two weeks of working together she came away with David’s highest recommendation, and the rest is history in the making!

Luminous Mexico – Yucatan, Oaxaca and the Last Mayans is designed and led by Sina Falker, and will take place Feb 22 – March 7, 2020. The traveling workshop enters the heart of Sina’s passion as a travel photographer. It covers people and places she knows very well indeed. You are cordially invited to join her in the fun next Spring, and take your photography to the next level…

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