Nguyen Vu Phuoc – Vietnam

Nguyen Vu Phuoc is perhaps Vietnam’s premier all around photographer. He is not only a great travel photographer and drone master, but a fearless documentarian as well, covering controversial topics such as the tragic ongoing effects of Agent Orange, and acid maiming.

Widely known for his fun-loving nature and sheer zest for photography. He often takes chances to get his angles, climbs cliffs, hangs upside down, whatever it takes! “Just part of being a photographer” he says.

He describes his philosophy thus:


“Every photo I consider taking has to have two key elements. First, it has to speak to me – hey, take me! Second, it has to have the potential of touching the viewer, preferably in the region of the heart.”

His critically acclaimed book, Labor of Love – A Mother’s Journey, inspired by his wife and daughter to be, contains some of the most beautiful and moving photographs of pregnancy and child birth that have ever been made.

In addition to more than 300 image awards from Vietnam and numerous countries around the world, Phuoc has achieved the prestigious Federation International de L’ Art Photographique (FIAP) commendation of excellence in the photographic arts. He is Member of Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists , the Photographic Society of America , Turkey Photographic Sille Sannat Sarayi, and the Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Association.

Phuoc graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Saigon in 1991, became a graphic artist, then went on to found Kien Vang Advertising in 1993. It was through shooting ad campaigns to save the expense of hiring a photographer that he first got into photography! He is married with three children, including a daughter who was one of the “models” photographed at birth and featured in the beautiful book, Labor of Love.

Select Solo Exhibitions
”Photography and Me ” December, 2014 – Saigon
”Labor of Love – A Mother’s Journey ” May, 2016 – Saigon
“Bringing Viet Nam to You” – April 2017, Konya, Turkey


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