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The Magic of Bali and the Travel Photography of David Lazar

Wonderful insight into the Island of the Gods with images by the man who does Bali best.


How to Put the Fine Art into Travel Photography

One of the world’s most read online photo mags jumped at the chance for fine art tips and images from Vietnam by David Lazar.



Travel Photography in Myanmar – a Photo Essay

Featuring images from KK Winn, David Lazar, A.P. Soe, and Bennett Stevens.


Painter to Photographer

From Painter to Photographer – Swarup Chatterjee

A dip inside the mind of an award winning painter who turns his artistic vision to photography. [clearfix]

Kyaw Kyaw Winn photography

Photographer Profile: Kyaw Kyaw Winn, Myanmar

The remarkable rags to “riches” story of Myanmar’s top photographer, KK Winn.[clearfix]

Luminous Books - Where China Meets India2

Photo Touring Myanmar and Bali with David Lazar & Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Nikon photographers KK Winn and David Lazar snap their way through two fantastically photogenic destinations. [clearfix]

Luminous Books - Where China Meets India2

Maximizing Your Travel Photography in Crowded Places

Been there, shot that? Don’t think it will be worth it to photograph on the Road MOST Travelled? Think again! Especially if you want to publish and get paid. [clearfix]

Burmese Days, George Orwell, 1934

How to Photograph People When You Travel

The world’s most visited online photography magazine asks David for tips on travel photography, and he obliges!.[clearfix]

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For This Travel Photographer, Success is a Soulful Face

Professional Photographers of America interviews Australian super-snapper, David Lazar. [clearfix]

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Photographer Profile: Nguyen Vu Phuoc, Vietnam

Informative interview with one of Vietnam’s premier photographers, including an outstanding array of images.[clearfix]

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A Passionate & Admirable Travel Photographer

Article and images showcasing Luminous photographer David Lazar.[clearfix]

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Visions of India – David Lazar

A look at David’s early work from incredible India, all snapped on a 12 day trip.

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Wouda Interviews International Photographer David Lazar

Wouda McMicken delves into the style and approach of Australia’s most recognized travel shooter.[clearfix]

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Photographing Bhutan

Article and images showcasing The Land of the Thunder Dragon.[clearfix]

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A Luminous Journey with David Lazar

Impakter interviews David Lazar about his work. [clearfix]

Vietnam – Two Lenses on Traditional Culture

Story and images focusing on the vanishing tribes of Vietnam, featuring images from French photog Rehahn, and Aussie David Lazar.