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Myanmar is one of those rare places of allure — especially for a travel photographer — that is difficult to resist. It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyably photogenic places in the world, made all the more so for the fact that most Burmese like being photographed. What’s more, once you’ve been, it’s even more difficult to resist returning. Not just to get the shots you missed or discover more places, but because you miss the way it makes you feel, which really is something bordering on the magical. It is THE perfect place to participate in a photo tour workshop.

LJ’s Burma travel photography tours take full advantage of our award winning Western & native professionals to gain insider access to places and people no other tours can match. Each Journey is supported by the very best travel & logistics people in the business. In fact our own Soe Soe Lwin ran Steve McCurry’s Myanmar photo tour every year for nearly a decade, before moving to found LJ in 2012.

2. Kyaw-Kyaw-Winn_cattle-temples_Bagan-Myanmar


Photographers Gone Wild – Jan 9 – 22, 2019

Photographers Gone Wild – Chin State Expedition is one of our 3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year‘s favorite Burma photo tour itineraries. K.K. Winn is the ultimate Myanmar photography insider, who knows the light, locations and people of Myanmar like no one else.

The photo expedition includes Myanmar’s Big 4, highlighted by the photogenic Ananda Pagoda Festival in Bagan. The “wild” takes you to storied Chin State to help document the vanishing “tattoo tribes” living in the mountains. This is truly “one of the great travel photography tours of the world.”

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Iconic Myanmar & the Golden Triangle


Iconic Myanmar – Oct 12 – 25, 2019

Iconic Myanmar – Golden Triangle Expedition… The inspirational brilliance of A.P. Soe returns to bring you the classic grandeur of his homeland, as well as guide you off the beaten path and into the heart of The Golden Triangle and its colorful tribal groups during the rice harvest!

“The Myanmar photo tour with A.P. Soe has been the highlight of my photography experience. Traveling with a local photographer is a privilege and we got to see and do things that are otherwise not accessible to foreigners…” – Ora Buerkli, Switzerland

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Luminous Myanmar – Journey to the Lost City


Luminous Myanmar – Nov 11 – 24, 2019

Luminous Myanmar – Journey to the Lost City… Photograph Myanmar’s incredible Big 4 destinations and explore the Lost City of Mrauk U & environs, which includes a remote river journey to the few vanishing “tattoo tribes” remaining in Rakhine State.

Your leader on this photo tour is multi-major award winning Fuji X photographer, Kyaw Kyaw Winn. K.K.’s passion for photography is infectious and his congenial nature makes all his photo trips a joy.

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PLEASE NOTE: While news reports of military action in remote Myanmar last year were terrible, please understand that Myanmar remains one of the friendliest, most welcoming, and SAFEST travel destinations anywhere in the world. Safer than Thailand, far, far safer than Mexico, even safer than the EU or United States. This is a fact. For more insight, including addressing concerns over the ethical question, please read this informative article.

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