Another excellent question – boy you are really on your game today! Not enough people pay attention to the quality of leadership when photo tour shopping, and really should. It’s the most important factor in making or breaking any photo tour, no matter how fantastic the destination.

All LJ photo tour leaders are top flight, major award winning professional photographers who either live in the country in which they work, or have extensive experience in those countries. This experience pays off in many ways, perhaps the most important being the deep level of local knowledge and long trusted relationships that result in the type of TRUE INSIDE ACCESS and intercultural engagement that make LJ photo adventures so special.

Without exception our leaders are extremely knowledgeable, personable and generous with their time on tour. They sincerely appreciate the fact that you have trusted in them to deliver a memorable and rewarding experience, and they take your evolution as a photographer very seriously. Our guys always put your image making first and foremost, not their own! This is very often not the case with many photo tour leaders out there, so it’s wise to be wary when doing your research.

Another skill often overlooked, is the mastery of small group dynamics. LJ leaders, while they all have different styles in this regard, are outstanding in helping to generate an esprit de corps that is both supportive and inspirational. It is extremely rare that personality conflicts arise among our guests, and in fact many new and lasting friendships owe their beginnings to Luminous Journeys photo tours!

All that said, perhaps it’s more instructive and convincing to hear it from LJ participants themselves. When ready, please visit our TESTIMONIALS page. You may also learn more by accessing our PHOTOGRAPHER BIO pages.

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