Please note that all participants will receive a 40+ page information kit on traveling for photography in your chosen destination, approximately 100 days prior to tour start date.

In the meantime, here’s a shortlist of steps to take:

1. Register for the tour and make your minimum deposit to lock in your reservation.

2. Decide whether to arrive early to get acclimated, and/or to extend after the tour before booking your flight. If either or both, please let us know so we can adjust/assist accordingly.

3. Check into international flight schedules to see what’s available. (Check to see if the tour has reached the minimum number of participants to operate before booking a non-refundable ticket).

4. Check into your health and travel insurance situation, including trip cancellation insurance, and make sure you are covered.

5. Most countries do not allow visa applications until 90 days prior to arrival date, so there’s no hurry. You may apply at the appropriate embassy or consulate in your home country, or do it the easy way online. Links will be included in your info kits.

6. Make sure your passport will have at least 6 months to expiration from your entry date into the destination country or countries.

7. Think about the equipment you might want to bring. If a new camera, get as much practice with it as you can before the tour. Showing up with a new camera you have no experience with is probably not a good idea!

8. Familiarize yourself with the country or countries you’ll be photographing in.

9. Keep fit or get fit! None of our tours have seriously strenous treks, but over the course of two weeks the cummulative walking adds up, so you want to be ready as ready as you can be.

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