What camera equipment do you have? By that we mean there is no reason to go out and spend a lot of money on new gear for the tour, IF what you already have is adequate. We go into more detail on recommended equipment in our photo tour info kits sent out to all participants, and are more than happy to discuss options with you by email or phone.

Let’s start here with the barest minimum gear:

1. Camera
2. Lens
3. More than enough memory or film (for you old schoolers)

That’s it! Now of course you can improve on the barest minimum in quite a number of ways. You could also end up with a maxed out credit card and a backpack the size of a small condominium complex. We tend to lean toward the philosophy of “less is more” when it comes to travel photography gear, but the choice is yours.

In addition to the barest minimum then, we do advise bringing the following:

4. Lens or lenses covering the 24 – 200 range
5. 3 stop (0.9) soft-edge graduated neutral density filter for landscapes
6. Tripod
7. Laptop
8. Back-up hard drive

Remember – it’s not the equipment that makes the photographer, it’s the photographer! That said, you will want to have gear good enough to handle the wide range of shooting conditions a travel photographer may face, including low light. With the excellent all-around performance and amazing ISO capabilities of many of the newer prosumer digital cameras, it’s not necessary to buy high end gear in order to shoot pro quality images, even under more extreme lighting conditions.

We realize most of you will bring more than the above minimum, and that some of you will have that small condo strapped to your back. No worries. Excess gear for a particular shoot can always be left in our secure vehicles. In trekking situations, porters will be available for hire. Your main issue would be excess baggage charges by airlines. Most of the airlines have 20 kg allowance for checked bags, and 7 kg for carry-on. India is an exception however, at 15 kg and 5 kg. So plan accordingly.

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