No, not at all. All our tour leaders are very patient and generous with their help. Although we often get advanced photographers and even the occasional professional, it’s those who have less experience who stand to learn the most from more experience. The advanced shooters are mostly there for the inside access image opportunities and comradery, but even they pick up a new trick and/or technique or two, as nobody knows it all.

Photography is not rocket surgery, although some would have you think so. It’s actually quite simple to learn the basics and be able to capture some excellent images with that basic knowledge. Fancy expensive equipment is not required to make pro quality images. And you would be amazed at how many famous photographers are relative dunces when it comes to technical expertise! That said, the more time you can spend picking up the basics and becoming comfortable with your equipment before the tour, the more your image making skills will advance during the tour.

To be clear, our travel photography tours are not regimented courses. They are fun adventures that everyone enjoys and learns from in their own way and at their own level. There are no exams, no grades, and no teacher’s dirty looks. Everyone at one point was a beginner, and fellow participants tend to be very supportive of each other on tour.

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