The first thing to note is that the instructional aspects of our photo tours are not mandatory and always informal. For the most part instruction takes place individually and IN THE FIELD, where it’s most applicable and effective.

Since everyone is different and has different needs and preferences, the level and type of instruction you receive is completely up to you. Some participants are looking for more personal guidance than others, and some are not looking for any at all! Rest assured your leader(s) will always do their very best to make sure you are getting what you came for.

In-the-Field instruction may involve any or all of the following topics on a situational basis: visualization, composition, camera setting combinations, lenses and filters, working with different types of light, working with local people, working with professional models, working a scene. It may also include creative techniques such as long exposure, motion blur, motion painting , light painting and star trails.

Image Review is available on an ongoing basis on request. Often we are our own worst critics, and that can cut both ways! Sometimes we think better of an image because we have a personal attachment to it, and other times we might think worse of an image because we don’t. Having a knowledgeable set of fresh eyes who won’t kiss your ego (thanks anyway, mom!) can be very helpful indeed. It’s a subjective world, but not all subjectivity is equal.

Photoshop and/or Lightroom tutorials are available on request as time allows in the schedule. This can be individual, small group, or in some cases, the whole group!

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