Yes. This is a bit of a sticky wicket though, and as such not all operators do. Some don’t allow non-participants at all.

But before deciding to be a non-photographer consider this: Who doesn’t take photos these days, even if only with a phone? Books have been published using only phone images, and there are photo contests and categories for phones only. So why not learn a new skill and how it translates to a more enriching travel experience? You might be very pleasantly surprised! And would not be the first.

That said, if you have a partner who is truly not interested and won’t be participating in photo shoots, we do offer a $300 non-participant discount. They are free to tag along, but should be mindful of keeping clear of all the keen photography going on! The days are long, so when not feeling the many thrills of the shoot that energize the photographers, it could get tiresome for the non-photographer. For that reason we encourage engaging in activities away from the tour as well. Going shopping, enjoying the spa facilities at the hotel, take a cooking class, etc. We are happy to assist with guides, car/driver if so desired.

Bottom line – Yes non-photographers are most welcome, as long as they are aware of the above and have no issue with it.

Note: For one day private photo tours, there is no discount for non-photogs.

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