Aung “Arrow” Bagan

I can highly recommend my experience with Luminous Journeys Photo Tours . From start to finish the service was efficient, reliable and beyond expectations . The two photographer guides/fixers I was lucky enough to have (Soe Myanmar in Yangon and Arrow Bagan) were great , and I couldn’t have asked for more professional people to help me get the most out of my photography in Myanmar . I look forward to booking with them again and would highly recommend Luminous Journeys Photo Tours to anyone considering it.” – Georgia Darlow, England

Arrow is a professional photography fixer specializing in Bagan and the surrounding area. In fact he was born in raised in Bagan and has been working there as a happily licensed guide and now station manager for over a decade. He speaks several languages, including English and Mandarin.

His job as a fixer is to arrange everything you will need to get the very best out of your Bagan photography experience. This means bringing you to the best locations during the best light of the day for temple-scapes. It also means special temple interiors such as Ananda and others, where timing is essential to catch light rays angling through windows.

Photographers love these dramatically, yet naturally, lit portraiture of young monks with ancient Buddha figures. This type of image making, because of the contrasting light, are not easy to do well. If it’s new to you, Aung knows just what camera settings you will need to capture them best. He’s crazy for manual settings!

In addition to temple-scapes and portraiture, there are local monasteries and a lovely little nunnery with young nuns in pink robes he can introduce you to and get access for your photography. The itinerary you see on the One Day Private Photo Tours page is not written in stone, and he is more than happy to make adjustments for you.

“My Bagan private photo tour was a Stunning Experience!! A wonderful time, like traveling back in time to an absolute romantic world !! The guidance & the counseling of Arrow was a pleasure lesson for me. I want to thank you all for this unique dream experience!!”Apostolos, Greece